With various work visas that are given by the US Citizenship and Immigration benefit (USCIS), L-1 visa holders that are on intra-organization exchange to US are permitted to bring their family containing mate and minor youngsters to US the length of the L-1 visa holds substantial. The life partner and kids come to US on the L-2 visa which gives the mate legitimate approval to work in US in the wake of getting Employment Authorization Document (EAD) affirmed by the USCIS. The residency of the L-2 visa is totally connected to the L-1 visa that has been conceded however neither of these is for more than 7 years. On the off chance that your mate has been allowed the L-1 visa, you and your kids are allowed to go along with him or her in US and are qualified for study and work there. Nonetheless, minor kids underneath the age of 21 years that can go with the essential L-1 visa holder are just qualified for study in US school and colleges yet the life partner of the L-1 holder is permitted to study and work lawfully on the L-2 visa.l-1 visa renewal

Be that as it may, before you can join your companion in US, you will be required to finish the documentation and need to clear the meeting before the L-2 visa is allowed. In the event that you can’t finish the documentation or don’t know about the printed material that is required, you can benefit the administrations of a L1 visas help migration attorney to help you do the needful. In spite of the fact that there are many reports that may be required, you need to demonstrate that you have solid ties with your country which depend on owning property, family securities, for example, subordinate guardians and home advances or different advances that show motivations to return after the visa lapses. A portion of the archives that you need while petitioning for the L-2 visa incorporate the duplicate of the L-1 visa and the visa holder’s international ID.

Different archives are shading photos according to specifics issued by USCIS, unique marriage endorsement and recorded photos that demonstrate that the marriage occurred, birth authentications of the youngsters that are beneath the age of 14 years, the visa application and protection expense receipt. From opening a financial balance, getting a driver’s permit and boundless travel is conceivable on the visa. The benefit of going to US on the L-2 visa is that as the needy life partner you have the alternative of going all through US the same number of times as you like, business approval and opportunity to think about lawfully in US. You can just reestablish the L-2 visa inside US yet before the visa lapses, you must be in the nation of origin while you are given the new visa. It is impractical to enter or leave US on a terminated visa and normally the new visa can take anyplace from a couple days to a couple of months, contingent on the quantity of uses that are to be prepared by the USCIS.

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